Friday, July 4, 2008

Siapa Buka Durian?

Meaning, what's that smell, not why so sedap.

I've started this blog because I want to complain sikit. The difference between me and some other bloggers is that I admit it. The shared similarity is that I say I complain sikit, but I end up complaining banyak. What to do. Malaysia boleh, wat.

Everyone is talking about this Saiful fella. Whether he did whatever with Anwar. Why he took a picture in front of Najib's office. Anwar's side says he works for Najib. Anwar's side shows pictures. Najib's side says he took a photo at the DPM's office when he was going for a scholarship, and he was a student leader.

My favourite monkey is going to go off the beaten track.

Si Monyet kata:

"Saiful got a government scholarship, from Deputy Prime Minister summore. Saiful was a student leader. And Saiful dropped out of uni. Siapa punya orang yang kita bagi biasiswa?!"

In other words: siapa buka durian?

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