Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Days of Coincidences – a Case of Barisan Bollywood

Even putting aside the timing of the sodomy accusations and Saiful’s swearing on the Quran and the use of this in Umno centers in Permatang Pauh, just a glance at the past three days worth of news is enough to spot a smelly trend.

On the DNA Bill and the upcoming court case of Anwar Ibrahim:

“If at this moment it coincides with the problems related to talks about the case, it is just a coincidence and should not be politicised.” – Abdullah Badawi, The Star, Aug. 20.

On the arrest of Perak executive councillors:

“Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi brushed off commens by some PKR people who questioned the timing of the arrest coming during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign, and said it was mere coincidence.” – The Star, Aug. 21.

On the welcoming ceremony for Lee Chong Wei, who was presented with his incentive prizes with a backdrop of BN election posters:

“Barisan Nasional candidate Arif Shah Omar denied talk that the coalition was capitalizing on Lee’s fame to fish for votes.
It’s just a coincidence that he came back during the by-election.’” – The Star, Aug. 22.

And in his column, Down2Earth, Terence Fernandez writes on the ACA arrests, which perhaps fits into the larger picture:

“They [critics] rightly or wrongly assume that the plot has been stolen from a Tamil movie, where in many an instance, the coincidences are too many which lead ordinary men and women to think that the script writer has gone overboard.” The Sun, Aug. 22.


Anonymous said...

This guy (Arif Shah) is obviously lying when he says that he did not know his university is a bogus one. If he can lie about this, can you believe him when he says that he has no interests in his corrupt brother's business? In other mature democracy's, Arif Shah would not even be considered as a candidate.

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ZORRO said...

Sudah anak haram tu tetap berkelaku anak haram.