Monday, October 6, 2008

Rumah Terbuka, Telinga Tertutup

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi commented that the members of Hindraf who visited his open house did not greet the federal ministers and were only interested in relaying their views.

“Abdullah said he was gracious enough to allow them in as he thought they wanted to wish him and the other ministers but was disappointed that their intention was not so.” (The Star: ‘Hindraf did not greet ministers at Raya open house’, October 7, 2008)

There’s a word to reply to this sort of thinking. And the word is: haiyo.

It really must be party time in Lala Land when you don’t realize that these people have on their minds the suffering of those under ISA. Not the buffet lines at your open house, which I hope is coming out of your RM15,000+ monthly entertainment allowance, but the two eggs they get in Kamunting. The point is that you made somebody's hari less selamat and raya, not that someone didn't wish you selamat Hari Raya.

Plus, it’s not as if they makan your food and don’t say thank you. They’re not there to eat, they are there to see if your ears are as open as your house. And the result was hardly surprising.

Our dear Home Minister added his two cents (lowest devaluation possible).

“Syed Hamid Albar as reported in Utusan Malaysia as saying that Hindraf’s action was a form of provocation and intimidation.” (Ibid.)

Hamid, oh Hamid, what are you smoking? If a peaceful, verbal message is provocation and intimidation what should we make of detention without trial?

It brings to mind the now well worn statement that the last elections were simply about sending a message. And the message was received, and so there is no need to change the government.

Something tells me the Hindraf supporters would somewhat disagree that people like Abdullah Badawi have truly gotten the message. The answer to it would likely be: “Um… no.”

What’s the phrase? Maaf zahir dan batin? Somebody please pass our PM a Kamus Dewan.

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