Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homing in on the 'Even More' Unintelligent

In the article in today's Star, 'Teresa Kok files suit over detention under ISA', Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar is quoted as saying:

"I have faced many legal suits before. I will carry out my duty even more diligently despite the suit."
~ Syed Hamid Albar

Even more diligently? The way I see it, this has one of the following implications:

1. That before he was sued, he was well, somewhat less diligent.

2. Whenever the Home Minister faces a legal suit, it has the tendency to hinder his diligence.

3. If the suit was not filed, the Home Minister would carry out his duties less diligently.

In the meantime, Najib's wife, commenting on the DPM's soon-to-be promotion, is apparently hearing the voice of the Almighty:

"If God says it is his turn, it is his turn." ~
Rosmah Mansor

That, I must say, is a new one. After all in politics, it's more often "the Devil made me do it".

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