Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Malaysian's One Track Mind

The Malaysian Insider reported on new PM Najib's explanation of his "One Malaysia" concept.

And it seems that Samy Vellu's little tantrum on not getting his minister's post back has not gone unnoticed:

“The MIC should have been thankful to the government for freeing the 13 and not only focus on the two Hindraf members released.

“If we freed two Hindraf members, don’t forget there were 11 others. Don’t think about Hindraf alone,” he said.

Wait a second. The MIC should be thankful to the government? Isn't the MIC, as part of the Barisan Nasional, part of the government? So - in other words, the One Malaysia concept is about dividing the ruling coalition and telling which factions should be more greatful? Hmm...

Not surprisingly, between the lines, a One Malaysia promoted by these folks end up being Umno-centric:

He said under the One Malaysia concept, if it concerned poverty eradication, it should encompass all races irrespective of whether they were from urban or rural areas, estates, new villages or aboriginal settlements.

“It (One Malaysia) does not mean the policy to help the bumiputras is sidelined, in fact it will give implementation of the policy greater impetus so as to ensure that eligible bumiputras get their due consideration,” he said.

Further impetus - on a programme that takes out certain Malaysians and considers them as "special" compared to the rest. If that is Najib's concept of a One Malaysia, then it's clear which Ones he has in mind.

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